Motherhood Matters

The Joy of Motherhood

If you think you know true exhaustion, try being a mom. The work is never-ending. You go on and on.

A few minutes ago, I woke up from a nap. It felt like a decade of sleeping, though it was only 3 hours. Yes, three hours! I was that tired and didn’t even realise when I went to bed. Thankfully, Niya was even more tired and still is sound asleep.

The truth is, motherhood is the hardest work. Yet at the same time, the most satisfying. It is sacred to be a mother. There is no describing the soul-stretching fortitude it can bring to anyone seeking more purpose and direction.

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Sis Barrett, A Legacy of Love

Tonight I want to pay a tribute to a dear sister of mine — a church sister. Her name is Millicent Barrett. But most people will think of her as Mother, Friend, a Hand that was always there, or a Smile never to be forgotten.

Her memory is tender to me. She was at my wedding, made my bouquet. She made sure all the decorations (and even her skirt) was lavender on my special day! Sis Barrett was my Young Woman President when I first joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I remember she gave me my first talk on modesty soon after I started visiting church.

She was gentle and kind — a woman who worked hard and did not complain. A woman with boundless energy who was always doing good.

When I returned to Jamaica with baby Niya in a time of stress and transition, she was one of two church sisters who came by to clean my house. You can’t imagine how happy I was for her service.

So when I heard the news I was devastated. On August 7, a day after she’d dropped me to the bus stop after church — I heard she’d been shot. About an hour later I got another call. She was dead.

I want to take this time to pay tribute to Sis Barrett. I want to take the time to talk about her legacy of love.

I also want to share how important it is for all of us to take the time to serve and never take one day for granted. I know we hear this message often with the death of a loved one.

But we are living in serious times. Let us all be prepared to live full lives despite the turmoils in the world around us. Let our hearts be full of love. Let’s add light to a world that often seems so dark with political, spiritual and ever-present conflict.

What acts of kindness will you give to those around you. I know I want to be more loving and giving because of the life Millicent Barrett lived.





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9 Months of Motherhood

My Niya is 9 months! It is hard to believe how fast time went by but I am so very grateful I’ve been able to spend every day at home with her. I’m learning so much — about life, my potential and developing my talents as I do my best to be a good mom. Motherhood is the greatest university.

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Nuggets of Inspiration

Conquer Your Mountains One Climb at a Time

Today I had missionaries visit my home. They’ve been a tremendous help. Every week we discuss specific ways I can access God’s power in my life and always, as I accept their challenge and follow through, I see the promised blessings unfold.
This time around one of the missionaries, Elder Harrah, said something that struck me while we spoke about disappointments:
“God sees what’s on the other side of the mountain.”

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Nuggets of Inspiration

3 Nuggets of Wisdom to Help You Fight Your Battles

This week I’ve been battling a problem that I know I cannot solve on my own. Not an ailment or financial woes — just this longing to be nearer to those I love.

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Nuggets of Inspiration

Don’t Confuse Where You Are with Who You Are

Don’t confuse where you are with who you are. Don’t let your circumstances define you.

When trouble comes, when your circumstances make you feel small, tell yourself, “I am bigger than this. Better than this.”

Don’t let life’s blows keep you down. Get up and keep going until you get to where you need to be.

Remember that worrying about the things you can’t control doesn’t make you stronger. Let go.

Keep calm as life takes you places. You might be surprised to find that where you end up is far better than you ever imagined.


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The Simple Things That Matter

What do you do when negative thoughts come your way? I choose not to entertain them. I have enough on my plate already, thank you.

It’s that simple.

Or at least that’s what I do when I can — on days like this when I’m simply grateful I put Niya to bed. And managed to cook. Work for client. Wash Niya’s whites. Clean. Organise. Study. Eat.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter — like being able to focus on the small things you did on days when you wish you could have done more.