Vacation’s Over













Dear friends,

I’m back from vacation abroad. It was a joyous time with a few surprises in the mix like my sister giving birth 3 weeks early, just in time for me to meet my latest niecy, Zahra. I saw the snow, wet as rain, kiss Brooklyn streets, watched city boys perform kicking dance moves in the tight spaces of subways. I gorged on yogurt, dried craisins and mixed nuts, snacks I think should be far more affordable in Jamaica and ate a bit of fast food in my attempt to put on a few pounds :).

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My Little Fur Balls

First there were two,


then three, then four…

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An Unexpected Birth

8:30pm (Tues)

I had an uneasy feeling when I woke up minutes after six yesterday morning. I can’t quite explain it except that I felt I shouldn’t go to work.

I wasn’t so excited about staying home. After all, I hadn’t been to work since Thursday which meant that several articles were in short order. But even as I showered and got dressed, I couldn’t ignore the shadows twisting in my stomach, the dryness of my mouth.

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