Vacation’s Over













Dear friends,

I’m back from vacation abroad. It was a joyous time with a few surprises in the mix like my sister giving birth 3 weeks early, just in time for me to meet my latest niecy, Zahra. I saw the snow, wet as rain, kiss Brooklyn streets, watched city boys perform kicking dance moves in the tight spaces of subways. I gorged on yogurt, dried craisins and mixed nuts, snacks I think should be far more affordable in Jamaica and ate a bit of fast food in my attempt to put on a few pounds :).

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The Sanctifying Power of Family History Work

Family History









9:15 am (Fri)

When I was a child one of my favorite experiences with my family was when we would go to the country. Dad would fill the car tank with gas and we’d drive to Freetown, Manchester. I loved my Grandpa the most — he’d take us on a donkey ride through the community and introduce us to grandaunts, granduncles and distant cousins who’d always be eager to wrap us in a bear hug and kiss our cheeks. I loved those times despite the motion sickness syndrome that would result in my sisters and I throwing up several times on the way to country. Times like those cemented in my mind why families were most important.

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