I am not made of glass nor candle sticks my back is no garden wall of flowers

What Does it Mean to Endure?

Some days are a crushing weight on my shoulders But I am too busy to breathe too busy to feel sorry the nights are the hardest when cluttered thoughts refuse to sleep But I endure      


Sometimes I feel like angels are very close, watching me.

The Real Me

Sometimes, while Niya naps and the minutes drift by I find my mind reflecting on the past. I retrace my steps, wonder at the small things that do not matter, like the job I quit a while back, the books I should have written… At times like this when the world is quiet and all…

In Stillness of the Night

The lights are out for the first time since my return to Jamaica. Suddenly I can hear the insects singing in the night. The stillness is frightening and yet I can feel my heart no longer a distant drum.

They Say I Have Spoilt You

You have cried for too long i swoop in, my arms under you put you against the pillow of my breasts, thinking “i am a bad mother” you do not care as you stare suckle, breathe, sleep. They say i have spoilt you You are too used to my arms, the scent of rose-water breast…

A Little Goes A long Way

Originally posted on Opal Palmer Adisa:
Small steps eventually lead to the top while if you wait until you can take one giant step you might pull a muscle rip your pants or slip and fall Do not loose sight of your dream be mindful life seldom happens in one giant leap like anything else…

Mingling With Literary Stars: Poems, Drums and Sunshine

11:50am Hello friends, Last week’s poetry event dubbed “A Literary Lunch” was literally a meeting with the stars: wordsmiths, social commentators, creative vessels. All who came had one thing in common — a love for the spoken word.  It was a perfect day made even more special due to friends like the Vances who came…

Meet Me at the Upcoming Poetry Event: “A Literary Lunch”

12:40pm (Fri) Dear friends, Guess who’ll be participating in another literary event! Next month — in a few days actually — I’ll be reading a few of my poems at “A Literary Lunch”.  This event is presented by Susumba’s Book Bag in association with the Kingston Book Festival. So mark it on your calendar and…

Be Brave

                5:10pm (Fri) What does it mean to be brave? It’s when you do hard things — impossible things — no one else dares to do. It’s believing in yourself enough to dream big, enough to lead.

Lifelong Learning, Poetry Publication and a Few Tips

                    8pm (Wed) How is 2015 treating you two weeks in? Things have been good here in Jamaica, especially since I’m participating in another free online course and making the time to write.  On January 2, I joined a free online course called Learning How to…