Park City: The Perfect Place to Write

window viewThere are snow-dusted mountains, blue skies that stretch on and on… Our neighbours have eyes, and hands and faces we never see… All around us is the quiet in the air, the sunlight, the snow-fluff that glows bright in the daytime. Perhaps after writing I’ll walk up the mountains again, go beyond the sauna-filled resorts where strangers ski down white slopes, snap more pictures so you can see what Park City looks like. Perhaps I’ll tell you how I got here — this beautiful, perfect place to write and to dream.

It was some time in November — or was it December — that a friend called my husband. They need 30 chefs in Park City, she said. It sounded great to my husband and I who’d been praying for opportunities that would help us prepare for graduate school in the near future. Plus, Park City is in Utah! Most Mormons like us nurture dreams of one day visiting this place where pioneers once trekked, to stand in holy places like the iconic Salt Lake City temple. And so my husband, Greg, applied for the job.

Within weeks he got the job, the work visa and packed his bags. Six weeks of separation followed with me in Jamaica, nursing hopes of being able to visit though I knew not where or how the money would come.

Through an act of providence I made it to Utah last week! A friend, ever so kind, helped us with the expenses. And other obstacles which once stood like mountains — God removed them too.

I know of miracles. This is a miracle! Being in Park City with my husband is another witness to our family of God’s tender mercies. So when people ask, Aren’t you dying from the cold? I tell think to myself, My husband’s the warmth I need :) Trust me when I say, nothing — absolutely nothing — can damper my happiness.

I  have learnt and am learning still that happiness in each of our lives is a choice. It’s about making the best choices for ourselves and families and choosing to be cheerful despite the challenges and disappointments that often come our way. It does not mean that life is perfect but one thing I know is that as we put our desires before the Lord, he is ready and able to bless us. What desires do you have? Have you brought them to the Lord or do you doubt his ability to move mountains?

He’s moved them for Greg and I. He’ll move a thousand more. What can he not do?



I Know


I know that my Saviour lives
He comforts and guides me each day
He promised if I will but follow Him
He’ll guide me and show me the way.

I know that my Father lives
His plan is perfect and sure
Through His Son we can overcome
And live with them evermore.

I know that the Holy Ghost lives
He dwells deep inside my heart
When I am sad, he comforts me
Brings truth and peace to my heart.

What Are You Most Grateful for this Christmas?

‘Tis the season to be jolly… for unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year! As I reflect on my blessings this past year, I can’t help but recognise God’s hand in my life. It’s the perfect time to reflect even more on the greatest gift of all which God had given us, even Jesus Christ His Son. As you look back on 2015 can you also see the Saviour’s hand in your life?

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Every Writer Needs The Gift of Patience



(Sun) 8:10 pm

Dear friends,

I’m learning to be patient with myself. I’m learning to put my fears aside and take things one step at a time. I’m learning that sometimes the worst critic is the self-critic.

He tells us we should be smarter, richer, leaner, more beautiful. He tells us we aren’t strong enough, wise enough or good enough to accomplish the things we desire.

We’re too slow to get it done. We’ve made too many mistakes. He tells us we’ve waited too long and that now it’s too late. Well, I’ve got news for that self-critic in me.

Anything is Possible With God in the Midst

I may not be smart enough but I know someone who is. I may not be strong enough to remove the obstacles from my path. But I know someone who can.

His name is Jesus Christ.

These past few weeks as I’ve committed my full efforts — or at least tried to — in working on my creative manuscript, the GRE and other pursuits — I’ve felt most capable when I’ve relied upon the Lord instead of my own strength. The thing is, every time I try to do things on my own, I’m reminded just how incapable I am of perfection. But my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ, they know and they understand.

This week when I return to editing the stories I’ve been struggling with for the past few months, I’m going to try my best to exercise patience. I’ll think about being simple instead of profound. Being clear in my communication rather than overachieving with metaphors and similes and paradoxes.

When I get stuck in a sentence whose words seem incapable of carrying the weight of what I intended to say or with characters whose voices aren’t quite yet their own, I’ll remind myself that I’m still learning. I’ll remind myself that it’s okay to make mistakes, to get stuck, to struggle to figure things out. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Doesn’t every talent, every righteous pursuit or worthwhile goal take time to accomplish?

So no more shortcuts, or complaints when things get tough. Writing — and even life itself — is meant to be hard.

Upcoming Publication via Akashic Books

On a happy note, I have an upcoming publication we can both look forward to. A short story of mine will be published on Akashic Books’ website (I’ll do a post and share the link to the story when it comes out in January 2016). I’m really excited because it will be my first published work of fiction:)

It just goes to show that patience works wonders. The first short stories I attempted to write — well let’s just say they needed a lot of work. My longtime editor and friend Robyn has put up with me all these years — reading some stories I’m sure gave her a few headaches and now here I am celebrating my first upcoming fiction publication. In a few years time it will be my first children’s book, my first poetry collection, and many other achievements — I’m keeping my dreams in sight like I promised I would.

So onward to a new month and a more patient life. I know I’ll get there and so will you. You can accomplish what you will.

Love always,

a contented Tricia:)

Your Dreams Are Worth Fighting For!


Dear friends,

This year feels like the unending sea, like I’m floating into the unseen distance… not quite sure if I’ll end out where I hope to be. But this I know for sure: my dreams are worth fighting for! I’ve decided that even when the pressure in each day threatens to break me or even when I feel I can’t hold on any longer, I’ll press on still.

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A Little Goes A long Way

I don’t usually reblog. In fact this is my first reblog on WordPress but this poem so aptly reflects the thoughts I’ve been having today that it seems only appropriate that I share. Plus it’s from Opal Palmer Adisa, one of the many writers I stalk online:) If you don’t know her you should!

Opal Palmer Adisa

Small steps

eventually lead to the topIMG_3571

while if you wait until

you can take one giant step

you might pull a muscle

rip your pants

or slip and fall

Do not loose sight

of your dream

be mindful

life seldom

happens in one giant leap

like anything else such as

building  a house

you must lay the foundation

before you can erect walls

because you are wise

you know a little

goes a  long way


so daily take a step

towards the legacy

you intend to leave…

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Contemplating Stars, Life and Aliens


7:30pm (Fri)

Hello friends,

How has life been? Since the last time we spoke I’ve had many tedious days but I’ve enjoyed them nonetheless. With each challenge that comes my way, I remind myself it’s an opportunity to learn something new. I try not to get overwhelmed by each day’s demands or discouraged by the fact that I can’t write as often as I’d like. Thankfully though I’m still working on the project I mentioned briefly in my last post — the one about aliens. It has led me to contemplate a lot about stars, alien life and my role as a child of God.

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