Meet Me at the Upcoming Poetry Event: “A Literary Lunch”

Literary Lunch Poetry Event

12:40pm (Fri)

Dear friends,

Guess who’ll be participating in another literary event! Next month — in a few days actually — I’ll be reading a few of my poems at “A Literary Lunch”.  This event is presented by Susumba’s Book Bag in association with the Kingston Book Festival. So mark it on your calendar and come on out to support the spoken word (and me of course)!

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Be Brave

Be brave









5:10pm (Fri)

What does it mean to be brave?

It’s when you do hard things — impossible things — no one else dares to do. It’s believing in yourself enough to dream big, enough to lead.

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Life Since We Last Spoke: Event Recap and the Business

JCDC Event 2015














5:30pm (Fri)

So after a long week I’ve finally gotten around to keeping my promise. So here’s a recap of the JCDC Short story reading event and a bit about my new business.

The day started off with some abdominal pain, the type that most women dread. Thankfully, I had DoTerra essential oils to ward off the pain and nausea. I shuffled out of bed minutes after 8am and slowly began getting ready while telling myself that nothing — not even debilitating cramps — would ruin my special day. So off I went, arriving at the St. James Parish Library one hour before the event would begin.

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My Brain’s a Plate of Scrambled Eggs

Black Swirls of Light











4:15pm (Fri)

My brain feels like scrabbled eggs. Everything got mixed up in this whirlwind of a week. I should write and let the words flow clear as water on the screen. I should tell you about Monday’s reading — the Anancy story, unexpected friends who came to support, the energy that bubbled up inside me as I read before an audience… But my head’s still too muddled.

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Short Story Reading at Local Library

Short Story Reading













Hello friends,

I have exciting news! In a few days time I’ll be reading my award-winning Anancy story at the Saint James Parish Library during a Literary exhibition organised by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). You might recall last summer when I mentioned that I’d won a prize for a children’s story I entered in Jamaica’s annual creative writing competition. Well, that’s the story I’ll be reading. I’ll be sharing pics and a general recap of the event next week so please keep posted :).

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Lifelong Learning, Poetry Publication and a Few Tips

Flowers and Hearts











8pm (Wed)

How is 2015 treating you two weeks in? Things have been good here in Jamaica, especially since I’m participating in another free online course and making the time to write.  On January 2, I joined a free online course called Learning How to Learn: Powerful Tools to Help you Master Tough Subjects. I spotted the course a few months back while creating my Lifelong Learning curriculum but was too busy to hop on board. Thankfully, I’m loving the experience since I’ve joined the course and learning lots in the process.

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New Skin (A Poem)

New Skin
the sea

7: 05pm (Wed)

Hello friends. Tonight I was inspired to write a poem. Maybe it’s because I listened to Tracy K. Smith read her poems last night. Desperate to write a post for the New Year, I was hoping a little of her poetry-magic would rub off on me. So I listened to her voice, felt the rhythm of her words and laboured until a poem was born, a poem called “New Skin”.

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