Nuggets of Inspiration

Conquer Your Mountains One Climb at a Time

Today I had missionaries visit my home. They’ve been a tremendous help. Every week we discuss specific ways I can access God’s power in my life and always, as I accept their challenge and follow through, I see the promised blessings unfold.
This time around one of the missionaries, Elder Harrah, said something that struck me while we spoke about disappointments:
“God sees what’s on the other side of the mountain.”

He spoke of a time in his life when his plans didn’t work out. While playing basketball, he tore his knee, and had to get surgery done. This delayed his mission plans by 6 months. But during the 6 months he waited, his disappointment became a blessing. His faith grew. He was more prepared to serve as a full-time missionary.
Life can be like that sometimes. We face setbacks. Life has a funny way of mocking our plans.
But let us not forget: giving up is not an option. In my life, I’ve seen dark moments give way to the brightest mornings. I’ve learned that fear is no excuse. We need to keep on trying instead.
Face the mountains ahead.
Keep climbing.
Let’s keep climbing the mountains in our lives and trust that God knows what’s on the other side. Even though we might not be able to see it right now, Heavenly Father sees beyond our mountains.
He can help us move them, if He needs to. But most times, we just need to climb until we get to the other side.
Believe that it’s possible.
Keep trying.
Trust Him and He’ll help you get where you need to be.