My Korean Obsession

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7:00pm (Mon)

Some nights I sink into sleep, fitfully like a child haunted by the dark. The wet cloud of days past hangs over my head but dreams eventually pull me in. When morning comes — yellow and alive — I sometimes throw the sheets over my face and roll over into another blissful dream. But sweet dreams come to an end when the glare of a new day seeps beneath my eyelids and swallows the images that creep across my mind.

I feel like I’ve been in a long wistful dream for the past few weeks. I’ve been floating towards the East, discovering South Korean: the spicy tang of kimchi, the lull of Hangul… I can’t quite explain my fascination with this place and the world it has awakened in me. Blame it on a drama series I discovered while researching TV programming topics for an article I needed to write at work.

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