The Strength of a Mother

I am usually very happy so when the sadness hit me late last night I felt a bit overwhelmed. It was like staring into the darkness, where there was no beginning or end… I am writing this post to clear my head. I am praying for strength to bear the burdens only mothers know.

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Hard Times Can Be the Best Times

When’s the last time you did something really hard? The kind that makes you grit your teeth as your muscles strain to move mountains. Hard times are usually the most opportunity-rich moments —  the ones that, if we let them, prove we are stronger than we first thought. Let me tell you about my friend.

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A Season to Shine: Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Outside is wet with snow. The kind that makes you shiver down to the bone. I tell myself I won’t miss it: the iciness of wind chills, the trees as bare as twigs. I won’t miss the overrated powder that melts into mud as I squish-squish through… But inside, my heart is aching in this season of goodbyes and new beginnings.

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5 Ways to Live a More Abundant Life in 2017


While looking back at 2016, or years prior to that, it may be easy to get frustrated with life. But today is your chance to start anew, learn from your past experiences (and mistakes) and live the abundant life you were born to enjoy! Whatever your challenges, you can live a more abundant life in 2017. It all starts with you (and 5 simple things).

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Spreading Awareness: 5 Ways to Prevent Mesothelioma

5 Ways to Prevent Mesothelioma












1:25pm (Thurs)

Mesothelioma is no Ebola but knowing this makes the disease no less scary for those it affects. A few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what it was until I was contacted by Cameron Von St. James, the husband of a Mesothelioma survivor. He requested I help spread awareness about the disease by simply writing a blog post. I am no expert, I admit. I’ve never had experience with this disease. But their story of survival, of hope and faith touched me somehow. And if sharing with you a few things I’ve learnt while doing my research could help – even just a little bit – how could I refuse Cameron’s request?

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How to Get More Creative in Minutes

How to Get

3:30pm (Fri)

When I was about 8 years old, I fancied myself an artist. Though I never learnt how to paint, I often dabbled in pencil/crayon art. But I always felt like my work couldn’t compare to that of Monique Brown, a girl in my class. She could summon people out of her head and immortalize them on paper with the stroke of her hands.

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