Meet Me at the Upcoming Poetry Event: “A Literary Lunch”

Literary Lunch Poetry Event

12:40pm (Fri)

Dear friends,

Guess who’ll be participating in another literary event! Next month — in a few days actually — I’ll be reading a few of my poems at “A Literary Lunch”.  This event is presented by Susumba’s Book Bag in association with the Kingston Book Festival. So mark it on your calendar and come on out to support the spoken word (and me of course)!

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Thoughts on the Calabash Literary Festival









10:30am (Mon)

The Calabash Literary Festival went on as planned but I didn’t get to go. There were omens and mishaps and haunting dreams. I spent Saturday juggling the mundanity of weekends, shopping at the market, hands weighed down with fruit, meat, greens and bread. I cleaned the house, ironed church clothes while waiting, wondering if I’d made the right choice. Should I have overlooked the cobwebbed doubts that shadowed my mind? Should I have ignored the ill omens and taken a trip down to Treasure Beach, four-plus taxis away? Should I have made the ultimate sacrifice?

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