Motherhood Matters

The Joy of Motherhood

If you think you know true exhaustion, try being a mom. The work is never-ending. You go on and on.

A few minutes ago, I woke up from a nap. It felt like a decade of sleeping, though it was only 3 hours. Yes, three hours! I was that tired and didn’t even realise when I went to bed. Thankfully, Niya was even more tired and still is sound asleep.

The truth is, motherhood is the hardest work. Yet at the same time, the most satisfying. It is sacred to be a mother. There is no describing the soul-stretching fortitude it can bring to anyone seeking more purpose and direction.

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Hope for Our Women

I can’t sleep. My heart is heavy. I’ve tried to block the horrors of the news from seeping in but my heart is remembering. A fifteen year old girl is dead and so many more of our women here in Jamaica and across the world are suffering.

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The Strength of a Mother

I am usually very happy so when the sadness hit me late last night I felt a bit overwhelmed. It was like staring into the darkness, where there was no beginning or end… I am writing this post to clear my head. I am praying for strength to bear the burdens only mothers know.

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What I Wish Those Mothers Had Told Me

It all started when I was about 7 months pregnant. Mothers I knew, full of warnings and words of wisdom, began texting and calling. Most of the warnings related to the horrors of childbirth (like this relative who told me she got 30 stitches! Another warned me of unexpected bowel movements). As if that wasn’t frightening enough, other mothers forewarned me about the constant exhaustion that accompanies parenthood. “You’ll never sleep the same,” they said. “You’ll be lucky if you sleep much in the first few months.” My sleep-loving self shuddered.

What I wished those mothers had told me is this:

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A Season to Shine: Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Outside is wet with snow. The kind that makes you shiver down to the bone. I tell myself I won’t miss it: the iciness of wind chills, the trees as bare as twigs. I won’t miss the overrated powder that melts into mud as I squish-squish through… But inside, my heart is aching in this season of goodbyes and new beginnings.

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40 Days of Motherhood

It’s been 40 days since I gave birth. My sisters held my legs while I pushed. Contractions were a heavy pressure in my pelvic instead of excruciating pain thanks to an epidural. Niya was ready to be born. After pushing less than 30 mins, she appeared — a beautiful, wrinkle-free baby, head full of hair, mouth stretched wide as she cried. They put her on my chest, skin to skin. It felt like God was right there with me. Heaven, opening.

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Why I Feel Like Superwoman at 8 Months Pregnant!

When you’re 8 months pregnant and you don’t have backache, heartburn or swollen feet, you feel like Superwoman! And who can blame you? That’s how I’ve been feeling these days. Giving thanks for my blessings because after watching countless pregnancy videos, I’m now even more cognizant of all that could have gone wrong.

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