Short Story Reading at Local Library

Short Story Reading













Hello friends,

I have exciting news! In a few days time I’ll be reading my award-winning Anancy story at the Saint James Parish Library during a Literary exhibition organised by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). You might recall last summer when I mentioned that I’d won a prize for a children’s story I entered in Jamaica’s annual creative writing competition. Well, that’s the story I’ll be reading. I’ll be sharing pics and a general recap of the event next week so please keep posted :).

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The Awards Ceremony Recap

JCDC Awards Ceremony 2014









5:30pm (Fri)

I feel like my brain’s all burnt out. This week I went to Kingston to collect an award I received for a short story I wrote. At the awards ceremony for the JCDC Jamaica Creative Writing Competition I was a bit surprised. There were way more prizes than I expected including gift baskets, cash awards, etc. I only entered one story though so next time I’ll be submitting a few poems and short stories. It really was an excellent experience, like a milestone. And for that I’m grateful.

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My First Short Story Prize










12:35pm (Tues)

I have great news! I know I should tease you a bit, leave a few hints here and there. But I’m so excited I doubt I can wait until the third paragraph to tell you what’s been on my mind. Yesterday evening I got an unexpected email. Attached in the email was an invitation to an award ceremony based on my entry in this year’s JCDC Jamaica Creative Writing Competition.

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The Telecoms Industry: From Monopoly to Liberalisation

Monopoly (1)

Let’s face it: Jamaicans are living in the always-on-always-connected era. That fact is clear in the phone-frenzy of both urbanites and rural dwellers whose busy fingers send hundreds of text messages each day. I’ve often marveled at this modern Jamaica, a society that in the eyes of those living decades past would be nothing short of science fiction. But how often we forget that today’s reality could have remained within the minds of dreamers. How often we forget the dreaded days when monopoly reigned within the telecoms industry.

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Writing Woes

Writing Woes2

4:00 pm (Fri)

It’s been a long week — a week of writing woes, knots and bolts, a few headaches and small triumphs. But I won’t tell you the half of it. I’ll sum it up neatly and hope I do it justice. For the past week I’ve been working on meeting deadlines — those dreaded deadlines. I had one writing competition and an e-zine submission. Only one worked out. Perhaps it’s all for the better.

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