Meet Me at the Upcoming Poetry Event: “A Literary Lunch”

Literary Lunch Poetry Event

12:40pm (Fri)

Dear friends,

Guess who’ll be participating in another literary event! Next month — in a few days actually — I’ll be reading a few of my poems at “A Literary Lunch”.  This event is presented by Susumba’s Book Bag in association with the Kingston Book Festival. So mark it on your calendar and come on out to support the spoken word (and me of course)!

How it All Happened

I was planning to go to Kingston in March anyway. I promised to visit a friend of mine, a retired nurse who I met during my time at the University of the West Indies (UWI). She was always interested in my writing and even attended a few creative writing classes at UWI to improve her work. Since I had not seen her in years and she was back in Jamaica, I promised I’d visit her, and bring a few essential oils for her to try during her recovery from an illness.

So when I got an email last week from Tanya Batson-Savage, the editor of the magazine that published a few of my poems recently, with an invitation to participate in a poetry event in Kingston, my interest more than peeked. Poetry reading! Sharing my work! Being heard by an audience! Live! And in Kingston at that! How could I refuse?

She wanted to bring exposure to the work of the poets she helped publish last year and I was more than grateful to be a part of that.  It’ll be my first poetry reading since UWI. I’m looking forward to being in the company of literary giants like A-dZiko Zimba Gegele. And there’s even a Traci-Ann Wint who could be my relative since we share the same maiden name — all Wints in Jamaica are related when you check it out 🙂

Come On Out!

But anyway, mark the event on your calendar and if you are nearby, please come on out! I’ll need a photographer. You’ve seen how bad I am at snapping photos during events such as these. Last time I didn’t even secure any pics.

So you coming by? It’s 1pm, March 4, 64 Knutsford BLVD. Let me know.

You’ll be hearing me live!


Nuff love,

a very excited Tricia.


6 thoughts on “Meet Me at the Upcoming Poetry Event: “A Literary Lunch””

  1. I’m jumping up and down in excitement (and jealousy, but mostly excitement – I’m too happy for you to be envious). That is AMAZING! My luck is so horrible though – I’m in Kingston for your Mobay reading and in Mobay for your Kingston reading. Ugh!

    Best of luck my dear, and you will rock.


    1. Thanks Robyn! I appreciate your support 🙂 By the way, I heard there’s a poetry workshop coming up in Mobay. Will let you know as soon as I get the details. It would be great if we could both attend.


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