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The Joy of Motherhood

If you think you know true exhaustion, try being a mom. The work is never-ending. You go on and on.

A few minutes ago, I woke up from a nap. It felt like a decade of sleeping, though it was only 3 hours. Yes, three hours! I was that tired and didn’t even realise when I went to bed. Thankfully, Niya was even more tired and still is sound asleep.

The truth is, motherhood is the hardest work. Yet at the same time, the most satisfying. It is sacred to be a mother. There is no describing the soul-stretching fortitude it can bring to anyone seeking more purpose and direction.

A leader of my church said this, “The most important work you will ever do in this life is within the walls of your home.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

The next time you wonder if you are making the best of your life, consider your family and the children that are already a part of your home (or may be in the future). What kind of home do you want to create?

What will you do to build a foundation of love and trust?

I’ve learnt in the few months of being a mother that one of the most precious gifts you can give a child is your time and attention.

Even in those exhausting hours of tending to a child’s care, there is that sense of divine help and trust from a loving Father in Heaven. It keeps me grounded in the knowledge that I am doing His will in this season of my life.

Sometimes I struggle to balance all the demands of being a wife, mother and simply a woman living in the modern age. I want to do extraordinary things. I want success. I want financial freedom and the ability to confidently say I’ve made a significant contribution to the world. But I am often reminded that there are seasons to life — that what matters most is that I am doing my best now and focusing on fulfilling my most important work within the walls of my home.

Every night I am rewarded with a sweet smile, a kiss, or simply a quiet sense of peace as I put my baby girl to bed.

This is the work and joy of being a mother.



P.S. Below are picture of Niya that I took within the past 2 weeks.




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  1. Well said
    And it’s so true
    You’re doing an awesome.job and sometimes the reminder is important so that it encourages you
    Indeed there is a season for everything and all your dreams and aspirations….the season will come.


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