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9 Months of Motherhood

My Niya is 9 months! It is hard to believe how fast time went by but I am so very grateful I’ve been able to spend every day at home with her. I’m learning so much — about life, my potential and developing my talents as I do my best to be a good mom. Motherhood is the greatest university.

She constantly amazes me, especially how quick, alert and eager she is to learn. Everywhere she goes they call her “Bright eyes” and talk about how social she is. Niya is always making friends. Often while in the taxi heading to church or while I am about to run some errands, she reaches out to the passenger nearest to her, touching them on the arm. Sometimes she says, “Eh! Eh!” to get their attention. Other times she simply stares or smiles.

These days she is busier than ever, standing, feeding herself (or at least making attempts or demands to do so), singing, climbing, crawling at super-speed, and grabbing everything in sight.

She also responds to the following words:

Hi, Come, Sit, Niya?, Kiss, No.

I’ve been teaching her simple directives with actions so “Come” and “Hi”, for instance, always involves a hand gestures.

She also loves chewing her books and is showing much more interest in foods (usually demanding to get whatever’s in my mouth). Sometimes she begins to making chewing movements as soon as she sees me eating. I know this is a sign to give her food at once!

The biggest challenge is relates to balancing demands on my time. Niya is very intuitive and knows when I am not giving her 100%. It is also very dangerous to attempt to multitask when she is crawling, climbing and standing. I’ve shuffled my schedule a lot over the past month to accommodate work, Niya and chores but all is going well — better than I could have hoped so I am grateful that my prayers are being answered.

Thankfully she is sleeping very well for the most part. Last night she slept an amazing 13 hours which left me thinking I have to repeat whatever I (or circumstances) did to result in such a long sleep. Haha!

As you might have guessed I love being a mother. Some days are hard. Some times I get frustrated but it never lasts too long. A prayer, supportive words from friends and family or simply a good night’s sleep always refreshes me. And the best part is, I am learning to rely on my Saviour.

When for instance, last month I prayed for an increase in work, I got 2 new clients! 2 fantastic entrepreneurs who are already inspiring me to push ahead and keep on excelling. I am seeing even more impact in my efforts in work and my everyday pursuits because as a mother I’ve learnt early in the journey that I can’t do it all on my own. How wonderful it is to wake up knowing that I have help from my Heavenly King — that he will use me for good and magnify my efforts in every aspect of my life.

And another aspect of being a mom that I love — the small things. Like Niya’s laugh that reminds me to have joy in the moment.

Niya reminds me that it’s the simple things that matter — like our families. She reminds me to keep on trying. To never stop doing the hard things. To always be willing to do what I need to do. Somehow things always work out. I know it’s not an accident. I look forward to more lessons on life as I press forward in this life-long university called motherhood.


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