5 Ways to Live a More Abundant Life in 2017


While looking back at 2016, or years prior to that, it may be easy to get frustrated with life. But today is your chance to start anew, learn from your past experiences (and mistakes) and live the abundant life you were born to enjoy! Whatever your challenges, you can live a more abundant life in 2017. It all starts with you (and 5 simple things).

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I suspect all of us have fallen victim to this treachery some time or another. It may happen while browsing Facebook or other forms of social media, perhaps at work among your colleagues or even within your own home. Whenever you start comparing yourself to others, stop your thoughts in their tracks because if you make the mistake of entertaining them, you will ultimately find yourself falling short.

Remember, you are your own unique person, with God-given gifts and attributes. God has his own plan for you and you are more than capable of achieving success as you focus on you, instead of comparing yourself to others.

When you see others succeeding or acquiring things, choose to be happy for them and move on towards achieving your goals. Don’t feel like you have to work by another person’s pace or achieve certain goals before they do. Life isn’t a competition or a race only a few can win.We all were born to be winners, created in the image of our Heavenly Father. We are princesses and princes with a divine heritage that we can claim.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Life is so much happier when we count our blessings. Being grateful doesn’t mean you are always satisfied with your circumstances. But you will, no matter what situation you are in, be able to find things to be happy about.

Gratitude gives you the vision to see yourself, others, and the things around you with the right perspective. In this way, even if you wish you had more money in your bank account, you can recognise other things that you can be thankful for, like good family relationships, health, a job, and even life. No matter how hard your day might seem, count your blessings and you will be surprised at how much you have to be grateful for. In turn, you will be rewarded by Him who created all and wants to bless you with a more abundant life.

Face Challenges with Optimism

During hard seasons of life, it may seem like your challenges are insurmountable. But pessimism will not get you over a mountain of problems. Only optimism and a determination to do your best will.When my husband I make plans and things work out differently, we always say, “Things will work out. They always do.” Then we move forward in faith, hoping for the best.

It seems the more we develop this attitude, the more God blesses us. 2016 was really a year in which I can boldly declare I saw His hand in our lives. He was there when instead of attending graduate school at a prestigious Creative Writing program in the US, I got pregnant (I soon realised God’s perfect timing in expanding our family. Perhaps I will blog about this another time). Optimism got us through 5 months of separation as my hubby worked in Colorado, then Utah. Thankfully, we were blessed with a happy reunion last month when hubby got to meet our sweet little girl for the first time. I know whatever your challenges may be, you can overcome them if you choose optimism and move forward in faith. You will be blessed for your efforts.

Willingly Serve Others (Especially the Ones you Might Otherwise Take for Granted)

Serving others is more than just doing something nice for someone. It is about showing love as the Saviour did. Christmas was the perfect time for kind acts of service but luckily we can serve others everyday, especially those within the walls of our homes. They are sometimes the ones we take most for granted. Whether it’s your spouse, mother, sibling or children, make a conscious effort to serve them instead of faultfinding as we may be more prone to do. How about setting a goal today to serve someone in your home that you may be having a hard time with?

Have Fun!

Life can be hard. No doubt about it. There is death, disease, political upheavals, financial pressures and so much more to deal with. That’s why it’s so important to have fun!

Even if you are boring like me (haha!) or maybe just a little introverted you can live life more abundantly by doing things that make you happy. Keep those hobbies alive! If you are a parent or in a relationship, make time for yourself. Set a goal to put aside a few hours each week for “me time”. You’ll feel so much better, trust me 🙂

May 2017 be your best year yet! Claim the happiness God wants to give! Call down His blessings into your life by living a more abundant life.


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