Baby and Me: Why I Love being Pregnant

Park City was the perfect place to write! Apparently it was also the perfect place to conceive. Now I am almost 6 months pregnant though everyone says I’m barely showing. Who’d have thought I’d receive this beautiful blessing when I set off to Utah a few months ago!

These past few months have been exhilarating. No morning sickness, no swollen feet or hemorrhoids or any of those horrific pregnancy symptoms. I know, I have a couple more months to go before things can get pretty dramatic but thus far everything has been great!

To be honest, I feel way sexier pregnant. Haha! I especially love the special feeling I get knowing I am carrying one of God’s divine daughters inside me. The thing is, hubby and I felt she was a girl from the very beginning! When we did the ultrasound a few weeks ago and the technician revealed that she was indeed a girl, we were so happy. We’ve already decided on a name!

The fact that this is our first pregnancy makes everything even more exciting, like the first time we felt her move at week 12! I know most experts say it’s normal to not feel movement until about 20 weeks but she’s just amazing. That first time, it felt like a miracle and I was like, “Greg, she just moved! Come look!” I pulled up my top so he could watch my naked belly and then we saw this tiny lump of a thing seem to rise up beneath my skin. It was a sliver of movement then it was gone but we knew it was her.

So far the movements have become much stronger and I am learning her routine! She gets crazy when I eat foods like Jamaican cheese patties, mangoes or when I eat after waiting a bit too long (anywhere over 2 hours these days). She also reacts when I sing to her at nights or when I touch my tummy 🙂

Already, I’m loving the experience of being a Mom. I know God will bless me in my efforts to be the best mom I can be. I also feel such reverence and love towards my own mom who went through this very experience 26 years ago and gave birth to me. I think to myself, how blessed I am to have such an amazing mother. I want to be like her.

Will keep you posted and share more experiences as the weeks and months go by. But if I get a bit lazy, forgive me. Being pregnant is hard work. Haha!


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