A Little Goes A long Way

I don’t usually reblog. In fact this is my first reblog on WordPress but this poem so aptly reflects the thoughts I’ve been having today that it seems only appropriate that I share. Plus it’s from Opal Palmer Adisa, one of the many writers I stalk online 🙂 If you don’t know her you should!

Opal Palmer Adisa

Small steps

eventually lead to the topIMG_3571

while if you wait until

you can take one giant step

you might pull a muscle

rip your pants

or slip and fall

Do not loose sight

of your dream

be mindful

life seldom

happens in one giant leap

like anything else such as

building  a house

you must lay the foundation

before you can erect walls

because you are wise

you know a little

goes a  long way


so daily take a step

towards the legacy

you intend to leave…

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3 thoughts on “A Little Goes A long Way”

    1. I don’t know why. I guess a part of me feels less authentic somehow, like I’m not sharing my own. It’s weird because I work in content marketing and I know the importance of curating content but somehow this blog feels like my little personal space so I never really thought of sharing much other than my own experiences. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way Joanne. It is always a pleasure hearing from you and reading your posts!


      1. I hear you. I like to share what I discover (which is why I started the reading rooms over on the http://wadadlipen.wordpress.com blog) but …yeah…a blog is a weird place…this space where you’re being sometimes more upfront than you intend or its wise to be (as if it’s just you and the page and no one will ever read it) and if you’re pushing books and services like I am, this space where you also need it to be public (but try not to think too much about how public it truly is lol) and where you need them to share stuff you’ve put out (but feel unsettled when you bump into the bits of you that they have shared out there). *shrug* We all embrace the journey in our own way and hope not to screw it up too badly. I ask because I’m trying to understand what works and why, and what doesn’t. I enjoy reading your blog as well. So I appreciate you letting us in to your personal space.

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