Between the Busyness of My Days


9:26pm (Tues)

Dear friends,

I have not forgotten you. Last time we spoke I was in an in-between sort of place, out of a job, not sure about the future but doing my best to be optimistic. Since then, I got a job and things have been very busy. In between the busyness of my days, my mind wanders to writing. My fingers itch. Sometimes I get the chance to scribble a few words down. Other times, I can barely keep up with my to-do lists.

Sigh. But I’ve been learning a lot during the process of adjusting to my new job. I’m learning how in all we do, we have to lead our own lives. We can’t wait for things to happen. We can’t wait for space to take shape in our days so we can do the things we want to do. If we wait, things won’t ever be convenient enough; we’ll end up growing too old, doing nothing we dreamed of.

We have to make time to do the things we want to do. This week, I decided to do just that. I set a goal to take the time I need to write and read if it’s even just a few minutes. Now I’m working on a story about an alien. Don’t know why I love aliens but I really think they are underrated 🙂 Strangely enough, of the three novels I’ve attempted to write, two of them had aliens (but not the weird green-looking ones we normally see on TV)! But anyway, that’s another story.

Things have been great though overall. In the past few weeks I’ve seen many miracles happen in my life. I’ve seen God remove what seemed almost like insurmountable obstacles. I’ve seen Him solve problems that I never even thought to ask Him to solve for me. I am learning how much He wants to be involved in every aspect of each of our lives.

I’m also learning patience and faith. I am learning that uncertainties are a part of life and that we don’t need to see every detail about the future before we act. In fact, God wants us to move forward in faith, believing and trusting in His promises, even in the things we cannot fully envision. So I won’t worry about how long this job will last, or when I will be able to do grad school. I won’t worry about children or debts or anything. At least I’ll try my best not to.

I keep telling myself that my future is as bright as my faith. And the best thing is that I’m discovering that all we need to do is keep positive and do our best. When we show God that we trust in his promises, that’s when we prove we are prepared and ready for the blessings He so badly wants to give.

So yes, things worked out. I got a good job. I’m learning a lot, keeping busy. Greg (my husband) is doing great too! This month we set in motion a plan to spend more time together. Monday is our Family Home Evening night! We’ve been doing this for years but decided to change it up a bit. During Family Home Evening we pray, share a spiritual lesson, play games and sometimes have special refreshments. But now we dedicate the entire night to spending quality time together by removing all distractions. That means no TV for Greg 🙂

I don’t know when next we will get to chat but it will definitely be before my birthday which is a month away. Was even planning to post a book wish list before then so I could beg books. Who know? But anyway, just wanted to let you know my family and I are doing well and that I miss you. Keep the faith and remember that God is never far away. He loves each of us and is eager to bless us.



P.S. My blog was recently nominated for the Premio Dardos Award! I need to write a separate post about that. But that will be another time. Thanks again for supporting my blog by taking the time to read this post. Nuff love 🙂


6 thoughts on “Between the Busyness of My Days”

  1. So love you!!!! And so glad that you were abe to take the time to jot us all a line. Keep up the writing, faith and optimistic outlook of life. It’s what makes it all worthwhile. ☺️


  2. Busy as a bee. We’ve missed you, but it’s so good to see that you’ve been taking control of your life. I need to get closer to your positive influences like that; all in good time. 🙂


    1. Thanks Robyn. All in good time for real.lol. Sometimes days are tough but I find that keeping my mind in a positive place makes it easier. And then it work out eventually. Can’t wait to see you when you get back to Mobay girl!

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  3. Hi, love the phrase, ‘busyness of my days;” I plan to use it in an upcoming post.
    Happy birthday. Jennifer


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