Be Brave

Be brave









5:10pm (Fri)

What does it mean to be brave?

It’s when you do hard things — impossible things — no one else dares to do. It’s believing in yourself enough to dream big, enough to lead.

Being brave means you depend on a higher being. One who knows, understands and feels.  Instead of walking with your chest puffed up, you stand still. You look up.

Other times you get up, speak up! Like Rosa Parks, you push back against the walls. You don’t worry because you know your God’s in charge. He’s beside you, standing by you in your darkest hour — so you stand up, speak up instead of cower.

It’s looking beyond the now, learning to wait. It’s having faith.

Being brave is knowing how to love, truly love. How to forgive friends who let you down, how to walk with a smile instead of a frown.

It’s letting go when enough is enough, without the messiness or fuss. It’s walking away, when your brain’s about to explode and your heart’s a heavy load. It’s forgetting the past, starting anew.

Being brave is being the true you.



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