Life Since We Last Spoke: Event Recap and the Business

JCDC Event 2015














5:30pm (Fri)

So after a long week I’ve finally gotten around to keeping my promise. So here’s a recap of the JCDC Short story reading event and a bit about my new business.

The day started off with some abdominal pain, the type that most women dread. Thankfully, I had DoTerra essential oils to ward off the pain and nausea. I shuffled out of bed minutes after 8am and slowly began getting ready while telling myself that nothing — not even debilitating cramps — would ruin my special day. So off I went, arriving at the St. James Parish Library one hour before the event would begin.

After printing a copy of the Anancy Story, I milled around a bit, applying drops of peppermint on my tongue to keep me tummy settled. During the wait, I met an 11 year-old from Saint James Preparatory who asked me about my story (she seemed pretty excited when I told her I was one of the writers who’d be participating in the event). She asked if she could read my story before the event started. Not knowing what to say I had her read the first page which she seemed to tolerate before sprinting into a discussion about her story — the one she hoped she’d be able to read during the programme.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked.

“A writer,” she said with the kind of conviction I didn’t expect from an 11-year old. She later on proved just how good a writer she was by reading a well-crafted short story (about human trafficking at that!) during the open mike session.

Something about her thrilled me. Perhaps, it was the spark in her eyes as she spoke. Perhaps it was the way she seemed so confident and genuine — as though she already felt the fire of words coursing through her. As though she had accepted a calling bigger than herself. Maybe I’m reading too deeply into it but still, she knew what she wanted, was already working towards it. There’s a lot she could teach persons much older than herself.

When 11am passed and it became apparent that a smaller group than was expected would be the audience, the host decided to carry on anyway. So we did. Introduction, prayer, greeting from JCDC representatives, then it was my turn.

I stood up, feeling the flutter of nerves in my stomach, all eyes on me…. But as soon as I started to read, the energy of the room seemed to flow into me. I could tell they were listening and not only that. They were eagerly experiencing the story as it unfolded. It felt like forever wrapped up in a few minutes.

Then it was over.

My husband took the video though I can’t post it here — copyright issues and all. (And unfortunately his phone was almost dead by the time the event came to an end so I only have a few, not-so-good-pics which I’ll need to upload soon)…

After my reading, the guest speaker (a representative from a local Teacher’s College) shared her views on the power of the written word — how it could preserve Jamaican culture. Her words were uplifting as she encouraged the students in the audience and older folks like herself to kindle the fire of creativity within them and through writing make their mark in the world.

I think it was a befitting message, especially since we as Jamaicans often put more focus on music than other forms of creative expression. So many Jamaicans want to write, love to write but feel like their isn’t as much opportunity or support for them. So if you’re a writer in Jamaica who wants support or even exposure, make sure you enter the JCDC competition this year! Anyway, I sense a rant coming on so I’ll leave it there for now and tell you a bit about my new business instead 🙂

The Business











Greg and I are starting an essential oils business! I’ve always loved all-natural things and dabbled in DIY thrills long before Pinterest made DIY more accessible. Anyway, my friends introduced me to essential oils — some for cramps — back in January and I got so excited because they actually worked! I mean, they worked after almost a decade of trying so many things that didn’t.

It seemed so miraculous that I wondered for a moment if it was my sheer desperation to attend the JCDC event that did the trick — you know mind over matter or whatever they call it.

But even as I wondered, I couldn’t help feeling confident that the oils were a blessing, the kind of products that could bless not only my life but the lives of others. So even though I never saw myself getting involved in a network marketing business, Greg and I signed up and are now DoTERRA Wellness Advocates!

The company sells a range of 100% pure products: from essential oils, toothpaste, supplements, weight-loss shakes, detergent and diffusers to skin creams and shampoos. I’ve been using several of these products (mostly oils) on a daily basis and I’m loving them so far.

You can check out our online store here. And if you’d like to participate in one of our free classes to learn more about how these natural products can bless your life, let me know by leaving a comment below or sending a private message via my Contact Me page.

So that’s basically it for now. On to an exciting new page in my life. I’m not sure how it’ll go but feeling confident. Positive Vitations! Yeaaaah 🙂 — By the way it’s Bob Marley’s BD so you might want to listen some of his hit tunes including Positive Vibrations.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Forgive me. Nuff love.




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