My Brain’s a Plate of Scrambled Eggs

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4:15pm (Fri)

My brain feels like scrabbled eggs. Everything got mixed up in this whirlwind of a week. I should write and let the words flow clear as water on the screen. I should tell you about Monday’s reading — the Anancy story, unexpected friends who came to support, the energy that bubbled up inside me as I read before an audience… But my head’s still too muddled.

This week marks a shift in focus (I’m starting a business!). I’m still in the very early stages but I’m so excited that I’ve felt little desire to do anything but research, plan, research, plan, network, network, network. Perhaps that’s why my brain feels like scrambled eggs 🙂

But anyway, I’ll be taking this week to kinda mellow and hopefully not overdo things as Greg and I lay the groundwork for our business. But I’m feeling so so so excited about the possibilities with this new venture. Anyway, forgive me for rambling. Just wanted to let you know that the Anancy short story reading went great!

Hopefully, I’ll feel a bit more clearheaded in a few days to give a proper overview of the event. Will talk to ya soon. Stay true and remember to DREAM BIG!



4 thoughts on “My Brain’s a Plate of Scrambled Eggs”

    1. Thanks Robyn. My brain feel backs to normal so I’ll be posting the details soon 🙂 When you come to Mobay, I’ll show you some of the products related to my business and I’ll post a link to my online store as well.


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