New Skin (A Poem)

New Skin
the sea

7: 05pm (Wed)

Hello friends. Tonight I was inspired to write a poem. Maybe it’s because I listened to Tracy K. Smith read her poems last night. Desperate to write a post for the New Year, I was hoping a little of her poetry-magic would rub off on me. So I listened to her voice, felt the rhythm of her words and laboured until a poem was born, a poem called “New Skin”.

New Skin


I’m breathing in

new skin,

the air wet as drought

kisses my ear, neck, fingertips,

reminding me of months I shed

when Jan 1 marked new beginnings.


The moulting began at the tip of my toes

when midnight struck against the backdrop

of gunshots and fireworks,

stars a-twinkle  in the night sky,

stripping away a year’s worth of weight.


Now I’m breathing in new skin

even as the office fan whirs dead air.

I think to myself,

a world awaits me in the months ahead

opportunities as numerous as grains of sand


so I watch, and wait, and write,

hints of heaven flashing

as thoughts take shape on paper,

as clear as morning

raw as the scent of sea.




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