Christmas Memories

God Jul









My mind has been traveling to the past, to a time four years ago when I was living in Sweden. My memories of Sweden, particularly during Christmas, feel so poignant perhaps because it’s so far away from Jamaica and I’m not certain if I’ll ever get to return. But at least I have pictures to help me preserve my memories of an extraordinary time. God Jul till er alla!













Snow in Malmö





Gifts in Norway



15 thoughts on “Christmas Memories”

    1. “Cold” is an understatement. It was colder than NY or any other place I’ve been. I was living in the southern part of Sweden in a city near the coast called Malmö. It was a wet kind of cold that seemed to settle into my bones but I’ve heard that up north is much worse. It was probably very cold to me only because I’m from Jamaica.

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      1. I’m used to cold so I think it would be the long winter nights that would get to me. Even southern Sweden is a lot farther north than southern New Hampshire. There’s what, about 6 hours of sun in the Stockholm area this time of year? Too dark for me.


      2. Yeah, it was pretty weird. When I just went in early August sundown was about 8/9pm. But by Winter I was only getting sunlight between around 8:30am and 3:30pm, so roughly 7 hours. Took a bit of getting used to.

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      3. I’m sure you had a great time and have many happy memories. You have a huge smile on your face in all of the pictures. Actually, I would like to visit some day – I know it’s a beautiful country and it seems to be so civilized, if that’s the right word.

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy New Year when it comes 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Oh and by the way, how is your blog going? Could you sent the web address again?


      1. http://fourfriendsjkss.blogspot.com/

        Here’s my blog url. Although it’s a shared blog, one friend has only written one post so far, but one other makes up by writing more, which is good because her humor comes across very well in her posts. I started out with the intention of maintaining one theme throughout my posts and I still intend to do so, but as of next year my theme will change to posts that hopefully readers to continuously engage in activities that stimulate their brain.
        Would be interested to hear your take on the different voices on the blog.


    1. Thanks Robyn. Yup, its frigid but full of warm people — well at least the ones I met were wonderful 🙂 And funny enough I was looking on a map today and zoomed in to the very street I used to live on. The experience reminded me of how far away Sweden is though my memories would fool me into believing otherwise.


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