The Awards Ceremony Recap

JCDC Awards Ceremony 2014









5:30pm (Fri)

I feel like my brain’s all burnt out. This week I went to Kingston to collect an award I received for a short story I wrote. At the awards ceremony for the JCDC Jamaica Creative Writing Competition I was a bit surprised. There were way more prizes than I expected including gift baskets, cash awards, etc. I only entered one story though so next time I’ll be submitting a few poems and short stories. It really was an excellent experience, like a milestone. And for that I’m grateful.

My story won a silver award in the Junior category (readers below the age of 12 years). It’ll be features in a literary tour across the island in the upcoming months along with other winning pieces. So yes, I’m grateful for that.

Apart from stuffing my face at the awards ceremony on Tuesday night — yes, you’d be surprised how much I ate — I got to hang out with Robyn, my editor and Tashna, my cousin. They both committed (sorta) to enter the competition with me next year. I slept over at my church sister’s house since it was way too late to catch a bus to get back home. Early Wednesday morning I was on a bus back to Mobay. It was the first time in about 2 years that I’d slept so far away from home. So I was happy when around 2pm I was home again, greeting my husband, checking on our adorable rabbits and the chickens.

Due to the business of this week, I’ve fallen behind in my poetry course. But thankfully, my notebook is full of scribbles — potential poems and story ideas — ready to be mined. I’m also reading a children’s book that was featured in the Korean drama I mentioned a few weeks ago. The book’s called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. It’s a great read so far, very intriguing. And I’m not saying that because I’m partial to My Love From the Stars and Kim Soo Hyun.

But oh well, here I go again, almost ranting off about my past indiscretions with Korean series… I will control myself. Hopefully next week will be very productive and I’ll have more great news to share. But until then, toodles!

P.S. I’ll add the pictures I took in Kingston soon. Promise 🙂


Here are the pics I promised:













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  1. I’m so happy for you; and it’s so heartwarming to see a young person express gratitude versus taking it all for granted and thinking it’s a right that’s deserved.
    I wish you many more awards. JHM


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