Discovering the Joys of Being a Poet

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12:40pm (Fri)

Poetry, poetry! I’m in the zone again or at least near it. Thanks to the poetry course I told you about recently, I’ve been writing more poems again. It’s like magic when I’m walking or sitting in a bus and words just start singing in my head. I could be walking on Habour Street during the evening crowd and the words whoosh by just so and I snap open my notebook as I try to capture them in hurried scrawls.  My days are full of those moments and I feel so alive again, like that time three years ago at UWI when Prof. Mervyn Morris — now Jamaica’s Poet Laureate — was listening to my poems float from pages like melodies no voice could hold.

When I was in his class and he was reading poetry and guiding my art, it didn’t feel like school. It felt like I was at a friend’s house, taking in cool breeze and the scent of fever grass. I’m finally finding in today that space to breathe and think and be — that space to create something new without feeling like I’m doing a chore. I’m making sense of even the smallest details in my life, finding inside a voice that for too long was mellowing in silence.

I hope this isn’t one of those highs that too soon bring me crashing to a newfound low. But if it is, I’ll enjoy it now while it lasts, make the most of it. Hopefully I’ll have a few poems to fill my tattered manuscript. Like this one in embryo called “Ghosts”:

Ghosts float across these lines

sour-faced shadows

haunt this house

white as night

heavy with dust,

the scent of rain

Ghosts swallow smiles

gnaw at my lines

mouths full of teeth.

The course ends in four weeks. I’m gonna use that time to refine my poems so I can send some to literary magazines. I’ll let you know if I’m successful at getting any published. I’ve also signed up for a fiction writing course from the University of Iowa which begins in late September. It’s free so you can check that out as well. At this rate my manuscripts will be bulging by year-end :).


3 thoughts on “Discovering the Joys of Being a Poet”

  1. Yeahhyyyy! Welcome back. Hope the novelty doesn’t wear off. I know we get so busy and distracted then its all gone. Stick with it. One love.


  2. Yay! I like Ghosts – very haunting; nice imagery. I’m trying to keep up with the course. I never make it to the workshops on time but I’m managing to actually watch the classes, so yay. 🙂


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