My Little Fur Balls

First there were two,


then three, then four…

Hubby was adamant:


he wanted more and more.


And more he got–

rabbits breed up fast.


In less than a month

the numbers were vast.


Babies were swimming in fur

curled up like commas.


I checked on them day and night

and so did their Momma.



Our favourite was Flem–

perhaps it’s obvious why


But too soon she died —

I couldn’t help but cry.


A surprise birth brought four more

softening the grief.


then a week later

there were six more to greet.



These rabbits keep us busy

Our little bundles of joy.


We love to tickle their ears,

or hold them in our palms.








23 thoughts on “My Little Fur Balls”

      1. From a genuine furbaby lover: I can see why you love them! Aren’t they full of personality???


      2. My apologies for being slightly misleading. I do not own any rabbits currently, but I’ve previously owned rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas (not furry, but fun nonetheless), and MANY more! I currently have a cat and a dog. 🙂 LOL! (See? Furbaby lover!)


      3. Well, since you made mention… I will blog about them today! I hope you enjoy! 🙂 (Thank you for today’s inspiration!)


  1. They are simply gorgeous! Cuddly. I understand they can get pregnant over again while they have babies inside them… ? Something like that!!


    1. Yes, sorta. Does have two functional uterine horns and therefore can get pregnant twice. They release an egg after they mate. So you could mate a doe once, then the next day and have a double litter. I wouldn’t recommend it though because it can be a burdensome pregnancy. There’s also the risk of deformities.


  2. Oh, dear. I’m sorry for the lost rabbit.

    As a kid I kept guinea pigs, and they bred very, very fast. Ended up overflowing with cavies before I was able to get them under control, which wasn’t very controlled.

    Our current rabbit is a Flemish giant who’s actually small for the breed, but still bigger than I was through third grade. I live for the times when the cable guy has to visit our house or something and has a moment of realization that that’s a big bunny.


    1. Will need to do that then 🙂 Working on some poems for the Open Mike session at Calabash coming up the end of this month. Have you ever been to the Calabash Literary Festival? It will be my first time and I’m already so excited!


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