An Itch In My Bones

4:10pm (Sat)

Ever since I wrote my last post on Wednesday, there’s been an itch in my bones. I’ve felt desperate to write my next post. But what should I write about? A thought came to mind. I retrieved my notebook from a blue bag I carry almost everywhere with me then wrote down my thoughts with a speed that reduced my words to almost illegible slashes across paper. A woman in the electronics store came by and said, “You getting true miss?” I nodded. I was getting the thought out. Scratching the itch in my bones.

But writing the post was one story. Getting it uploaded was another.

I haven’t had Internet access since Thursday — the last day I went to work. The company is moving to another building — everything is being dismantled including our PCs and the AC — so they sent us home early. Last night I bought some prepaid data for my smartphone, thinking I could post via that medium. But that didn’t quite work out. I couldn’t handle the miniature keypad, tiny screen and eyestrain.

That left me with few remaining choices. The library was my best bet. Free Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, I left home today too late (around 3:45). That left me with an almost impossible task. How could I reach to the library before it closed at 4pm? Thankfully, I reached before the door closed but the Wi-Fi was down. Or so they said. I snatched two children’s books before heading out. But then I saw a guy using the net on his tablet. I decided to try my luck.

I walked outside, sat beneath a huge almond tree while the screeching of sliding metal gates seemed to claw at my ears. The sun hot like any other day in Jamaica and the almond branches weren’t doing much to protect me from the heat. Thankfully, Wi-Fi was up, my only relief.

Now here I am, typing. Getting rid of the itch in my bones (at least for now). Succumbing to the thrill of fingers tapping keyboard, thoughts rushing in, hearing calypso tunes stream through branches. Life is good.


8 thoughts on “An Itch In My Bones”

  1. I like your narrative style, girl.

    By the by, I see one or two tiny typographical errors (easily correctable, eg did you mean “inch” or “itch”?). May I offer to be your blog editor? ^_~


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